JEI Learning Centers was founded in South Korea by Sung Hoon Park, a visionary educator and entrepreneur with an innovative idea. In 1977, Mr. Park and a team of JEI researchers developed the JEI Self Learning Method. The JEI Self Learning Method is a self-paced, individualized program that helps the student master mathematical and language concepts in small, easy-to-follow steps.

Highly successful in South Korea, Mr. Park brought the JEI Method to the United States in 1992, followed by Canada, Hong Kong, China, Australia, and New Zealand. JEI's great success has been based on the philosophy that all children have the potential to become creative and talented individuals.

JEI is a global leader in supplementary education with hundreds of thousands of students around the world. Today, JEI Corporation includes a college, an educational TV station, a state of the art printing facility, and other affiliated companies under its umbrella.

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