As a JEI franchisee, you will experience immediate benefits as our exceptional team of business and educational professionals are dedicated to serving you. JEI provides the very best in professional training, support, and guidance for the franchise owners. We are committed to heightening consumer awareness through creative and cutting-edge marketing and media outlets, and are always researching and developing new ideas for our business support system.

Training We offer several different types of training that will prepare you for the day-to-day operations of your centre. Our training courses also provide assistance in heightening the quality of service provided to your clients.

Site Selection JEI will work with you to locate and survey possible sites, and provide guidance specific to lease agreements.

Marketing and Advertising Our marketing department will assist you in the creation of seasonal and location-specific advertising. Additionally, we will help in the planning of your centre's individual marketing strategy.

Administrative Support Our administrative and franchising departments will offer you full support in your daily operations. In addition, you will have access to our proprietary diagnostic testing and web-based student management software, available exclusively to JEI Learning Centre directors.


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